Steven L. Stack


Dynamic. Inspirational. Authentic.

Hi, I’m Steven! Thanks for coming to visit my page! You can scroll down to learn more about me & I look forward to speaking to your group!

My Story

I grew up in a Southern household which included my parents, siblings & I. While my parents didn’t come from great financial means, they provided a rich inheritance of faith, character, stewardship, generosity & love that I’m deeply grateful for to this day. Some of the things that I learned from an early age were the importance of giving, living within my means & saving for a rainy day which were the building blocks to me becoming a millionaire at age 31.

A big turning point for me came while in college at Clemson when I realized that I could not save my way to wealth; I had to invest! This set me on a path to discover how to make money work for me with the understanding that I would one day help others do the same. Now here I am almost two decades later having helped so many discover the things I’ve learned along the way!

My Values & Beliefs


As a man of faith, my life’s mission is to love God & love others as I love myself. I want to treat others in a way that reflects the love & grace I have received.


Family is very important to me. Passing down generational wealth that’s only financial is too small of a vision.


I believe in a vision that goes beyond my immediate family to positively impacting my “extended family” aka friends & community with my time, talent & treasure.

My Speaking Approach

Having spoken at corporate meetings, nonprofits, churches & more, my approach can be summed up simply in this – I speak from the heart & view the audience as family. Whether it be faith, family or finance related, you are going to hear stories & thoughts that stir your heart to action! Sometimes that may involve a lot of laughter & fun! Other times, it may involve deep thought & contemplation about what really matters in life. Either way you will leave with a different perspective than you came with!

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