I’m Steven Stack

Financial Coach | Speaker | Man of Faith | Debt Free | Millionaire | Author | CFEI | CLFP

Helping You Build Wealth Holistically

I’m Steven Stack

Financial Coach | Speaker | Man of Faith | Debt Free | Millionaire | Author | CFEI | CLFP

Helping You Build Wealth Holistically

Financial Coaching

Need help making a plan to build generational wealth for your family? There’s good news! I can help you with anything from goal setting, debt repayment, investment education & strategy.


Looking for a dynamically authentic speaker to inspire, motivate & encourage? Look no further! Hear from someone who doesn’t only talk the talk but has also walked the walk!

Goal Setting

Receive help making S.M.A.R.T. goals that are specific to your needs & desires.

Debt Repayment Strategy

Get help with repaying debt from someone that has paid off six-figures in debt including a mortgage!

Investment Education

Learn & get understanding about investing that you can use & just as important, pass down to the next generation.

Investment Strategy

Learn about different investment strategy options from someone that built a 7-figure net worth by age 31 & isn’t trying to sell you a product, but is instead providing knowledge.

Companies I’ve Worked With

What Is A Financial Coach?

A financial coach is an advisor who can help you reach your financial goals by teaching you money management skills. Some of these skills include managing & paying down debt, understanding spending habits, creating a budget, building savings, outlining a financial plan, improving financial literacy and much more.

Who Is Financial Coaching For?

Simply put, financial coaching is for everyone! Even the highest-performing athletes have coaches & trainers that help put them in the best positions to win in the heat of competition. The difference is you’re not in competition with anyone but yourself to make better decisions today than you did yesterday! So financial coaching is for you whether you need help with budgeting, paying down debt, investment education, strategy, outlining a financial plan or just a knowledgeable, neutral party that wants to see you win!


What is The Process Like?

There’s normally a 5-step process that begins with scheduling a free discovery call to determine how to best  serve your financial coaching needs. If there’s agreement, this will result in setting up a 1-on-1 financial coaching session which concludes with a list of follow-up actions to help you get on the right track in your journey of building generational wealth.

1. Schedule Free Discovery Call

The discovery call allows you to detail what your coaching needs are to determine the go forward plan for your session.

2. Book an Appointment

Once there’s agreement to move forward after the discovery call, we will determine the most convenient form of payment then book a 1-on-1 coaching session date & time.

3. Complete Session Pre-Work

There’s typically pre-work information to have prepared prior to the coaching session to help enhance the meeting.

4. Conduct 1-on-1 Coaching Session

We will get on a video call to go through a 1-on-1 coaching session that lasts approx. 60-75 minutes.

5. Follow-Up Action Items

After the coaching session, there’s normally a list of follow-up action items that are communicated to be completed from what was discussed in the meeting.

Coaching Packages

Customized One Hour 1-on-1 Coaching Session

($2500 value)

This includes a portfolio review & specific recommendations

More Details

What’s included: review of your assets, liabilities, monthly expenses & income then specific recommendations based on your situation. It’s customized so the focus can be on anything from budgeting, paying down debt, investment education, strategy, outlining a financial plan, etc. This also includes “institutional knowledge”, meaning you get the benefit of my knowledge over time from having done countless sessions in the past. Email support for one month is also included.

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Accountability or Debt Payoff/Budgeting Package

Includes an initial 1-on-1 coaching session plus monthly check-ins for a minimum of 3 months.

More Details

This is for those that need a plan outlined plus support & accountability to stick to that plan. The monthly check-ins are 15-20 minutes discussions for both encouragement & accountability on monthly progress. Minimum 3 month commitment.

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1 Year All-Access Package

Virtually unlimited access for a year to a millionaire investor in real estate (house flipping & multi-family rentals), stock market investing, private equity investing, hard money lending & more.

More Details

Access to real-time knowledge of what I’m investing in such as real estate & the stock market, real estate deal analysis, unlimited email support, weekly calls (phone or video) & much more.

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About Me

I’m a financial coach, Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI ®) & Certified Financial Literacy Professional (CFLP℠) that is 100% debt free! This includes paying off a six-figure mortgage at age 32 in only 3 years! I also became a millionaire by age 31 through consistent money management & investing primarily through real estate & the stock market. While these things may be impressive, it is a sincere love for God, family & others that defines me.


“I remember logging onto my first meeting & feeling so much shame because of the debt I had acquired over the years. The way Steven motivated & encouraged me during that first meeting really let me know that I made the right choice.” ~Monique J.

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“One of the things that struck me most about Steven is that he took his time to get to know us & that his financial strategy really focused specifically on my wife & I. This was different than other financial coaches since it was tailored to our financial goals. Thanks to Steven, we’ve paid off a significant amount of debt & are increasing our investing every month!” ~Marcus B.

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Steven is one of the most patient, knowledgeable, relatable & honorable men I know. I have known him since late 2016. I am a single mother & was living paycheck to paycheck, in the red every month with no money saved. I thought I couldn’t afford financial coaching and after talking with Steven, I couldn’t afford NOT to have it. Steven was sent to save my life! I was slow but eventually I consistently started giving, saving and chipping away at my debt. I have now paid off 80% of my debt, have a $1,000 emergency fund and a few thousand in investments. I’m forever grateful for my financial coach and friend, Steven Stack.” ~Bianca W.

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“My wife & I have been clients of Steven’s for about 5 months & those 5 months have done nothing short of changed my family’s entire approach towards money! He’s very knowledgeable about what he’s talking about & you get to see results in real time. I mean, literally as soon as you can get off the call or the next day you can put those things into action.” ~Travis N.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steven in a financial coaching capacity for several years, and I can personally attest to the financial acumen, diligence, care, and attentiveness he has exhibited. We’ve run the gamut of various financial topics and I’ve sharpened my own financial toolkit through his unique coaching style. If you’re looking for a competent, results-oriented financial coach, Steven is definitely the right person to contact.” ~Cody W.

“I had my first financial sit down with Steven in 2017 & I’ve sat down with him every year since to discuss my financial well being. Thanks to Steve I’m on track to become a 1st generation millionaire in my family! The results may vary but the financial literacy will not. All it takes is a conversation.” ~Monte P.

“My wife & I started your book yesterday and already we’ve identified some immediate steps to take to get financially healthy. Thanks for what you do!” ~Adam

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